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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Trade Market

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Messenger Requirements
III. Improvements
IV. The Trade Streets
   A. Limitations
V. Buying Items
   A. Hitching Your Wagon
VI. Selling Items


This market is a service provided by the Neutral Exchange Camp where camps can sell resources, weapons, ores, and even satellites to be sold to other camps. This service is provided for free for each camp that wants to buy or sell items from another camp. The only real limitations placed on this market are the inability to buy from allies, certain pricing maximums and minimums, and messenger requirements.

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Messenger Requirements:

Though you will need at least one messenger assigned to access any Neutral Exchange Camp related feature, you will not need a messenger specifically for selling resources on the market. You will need one messenger each time you hitch a wagon. The messenger used to pick up a wagon from the Trade Market can be used for the CEP Exchange, but not for the AutoExchange. AutoExchanges will be performed before your wagon is picked up, so make sure you either assign enough messengers to cover both or adjust your trades accordingly.

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There is no way to improve any returns through the Trade Market.

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The Trade Streets:

Trade Market Streets

The Neutral Exchange Camp has split the Trade Market into specialized streets for ease of purchase. Whenever something is added to the Trade Market for sale, it will be placed on the appropriate street for all to see. Each street is geared towards one set of resources or items. Aircraft street is where fighters and heavy and light bombers will be found (choppers are listed on Weapon street). Ore street is where all gold, uranium, and titanium will be found. Gas, building supplies, disposables, and food can be found on resource street. Vehicles, mechs, missiles, and weapons can be found on weapon street. Satellites can be found on the space street. Once you choose a street to look through, only those sections with currently available items will be shown, so if no one has rail guns for sale, currently, then rail guns will not be an option. When you place resources or items for sale, they will automatically be placed on the appropriate street.

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The main limitation for any street is the minimum and maximum price for each item. You should also remember a few limitations on usage and storage. If you do not have enough storage space in your huts, lots, or armories for the purchased items, you will lose them due to theft, damage, etc. If you are not on the Military Path you will not be able to use any mechs that you purchase through the market in battle, nor will you get any points for them. If you have not done the research to open a space center, you will not be able to launch satellites that you purchase off the market.

Minimum Price (CEP's)
Maximum Price (CEP's)
All Ores
Building Supplies
Food and Disposables
All Satellites
All Missiles
Level 1 and 2 Weapons
Level 3 and Heavy Weapons and AAVs
Tanks and Aircraft

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Buying Items:

Trade Market Sales Booth Selector Options

If you are looking to purchase resources for a better price than you can get on the exchange or you want to purchase items not available from the Neutral Exchange Camp, then you can check the Trade Market to see what other camps have put up for sale. The first thing you need to do is select which specific street you need. Once you have selected a street, the "Sales Booth Selector" will open beneath the street links with links to specific resources or items that are currently available on that street. Once you have clicked the link for the appropriate resource, the sets for sale will open below these links with the quantities and unit prices listed in order from cheapest unit price to most expensive. If you like the price being offered for a specific resource, type in the amount that you want to buy in the text box in the appropriate row and click the "to Wagon" link. The CEPs needed to pay for this selection will be removed from your storage at this time. Once you have done this a red message will appear above the "Market Selector" box telling you that the items have been added to your wagon. When you are finished making purchases, head to your wagon.

Trade Market Items for Sale

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Hitching Your Wagon:

Trade Market View Wagon Button

Once you have made your purchases, click "View Wagon" in the "Market Selector" box. This will take you to a list of items that have currently been selected for purchase. If you decide that you don't want something that is selected, click "Put Back." Those items will be returned to the market and you will be refunded your CEPs. If you are happy with the selections that you have made, click "Hitch Wagon" to finalize the purchase. This action cannot be undone, so make sure you have removed all items that you don't want to purchase before hitching the wagon.

Trade Market Wagon

Your messenger will pick up this wagon and bring it back to your camp at the end of the day. You will receive a message in your end turn report reminding you that the wagon arrived.

If you do not hitch your wagon before ending the turn, your wagon will be emptied and the items will be returned to the Trade Market. You will be refunded the CEPs, but you will not receive any of the items you selected and will have to reselect all of those items.

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Selling Items:

Trade Market Sell Items Button

If you have some extra items that you want to offer for sale to other camps, click the "Sell Items" link in the "Market Selector" box. This will open the "Trade Market Sales Booth" below the "Market Selector." Here you will set up items to be sold on the market. All you have to do is type in the number of items you want to put up for sale in the first text box, select what you are selling in the drop-down box, and type in the unit price in the second text box. Once you have filled out this information, click "Commit Sale" to send it to the market. Once you have clicked to commit, you will not be able to undo the action for 150 turns, so make sure you are entering a number and item that you desire and a price that you feel appropriate. After 150 turns have passed and the items have not been purchased, you can recall them off the market to either use elsewhere or adjust the price. The button to recall the items will appear at the appropriate time to the right of the unit price in the "Your Items Currently for Sale" list.

Trade Market Sales Booth

If you set an amount to be sent higher than what you have in storage, the entry will be adjusted to what you actually have available. If you have none, you will get a reminder of such. If you try to enter a price outside the minimum or maximum, the entry will not be made and you will receive a reminder that you must stay within the minimum and maximum price range.

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