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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Trophies

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. How to Earn Them
III. Keeping Trophies Between Rounds
IV. Where to View Them


One of the major rewards you can earn through the game is trophies. These rewards are displayed multiple places throughout the Dust Settles and DailyWheel sites, showing what you and others have accomplished both this round and in previous ones.

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How to Earn Them:

2nd Place Military Effectiveness Trophy

Trophies are earned in many ways, primarily through earning a certain ranking, like top score or most nukes. These trophies are awarded after the round is over and all scores can be finalized. During the round there are numerous awards a camp can win from 1st Forum Post to Totally Addicted these awards will be given soon after they are won.

As the round progresses, certain unique trophies geared specifically for some accomplishment or task performed may be awarded. Players are always welcome to suggest such trophies, but the admins always have final say on whether or not to award them.

The Not Again Trophy: Awarded for humorous Easter Eggs placed in the battle results

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Keeping Trophies Between Rounds:

Because we wipe the database between rounds, there is only one way you can keep trophies that you earn for more than one round. You must have your camp name linked to a DailyWheel account. These accounts are persistent outside of the Dust Settles universe, giving your achievements a place to exist after a round ends. As soon as you create and validate a DailyWheel account, you can link an existing camp or create a new camp linked to that account where all trophies earned that round and during later ones can be stored.

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Where to View Them:

Player Profile Trophies Display with Mouseover Visible

There are multiple places to view trophies earned by yourself and other players. One of the main places to view the trophies earned by an individual camp is to view that camp's profile. You can view a camp's profile by clicking on his/her name on the Statistics page. Inside the player's profile, the trophies will be listed below their battle statistics. Clicking on the icon will open a new window with the trophy's sponsor's page (if the trophy was sponsored). Mousing over the icon will show the trophy's description.

Forum Trophies Display with Mouseover Visible

Next you can view a limited number of a camp's trophies in the forums anytime he/she posts. The ten most recent trophies awarded to that camp will be seen under his/her name and flag beside the post. Here as well, holding your mouse on the trophy will pop up a small description of the trophy while clicking on it will open a sponsor's site.

Login page link to trophy list

Outside of the main part of the game, you can find a link to a list of all trophies awarded on the login page. This trophies page will display the standard icon seen on the other pages with the name beside it. You can click on the trophy icon to visit that trophy's sponsor (if any) or the name of the trophy to see the details about that trophy. These details include a larger version of the trophy's image, a description of what the trophy was awarded for, and who won it for that round. Clicking on the name of the person (or people) listed as the winner of the trophy will take you to their DailyWheel profile.

Clip from the Totally Addicted Trophy's details page

Finally, you will be able to find all the trophies a person has won on their DailyWheel member's profile. The trophies will be listed just above the white box displaying information the person provided for their profile. Click on the trophy to view it's sponsor or mouseover it to see the details about how he/she earned it.

Excerpt from DailyWheel member's page  showing trophies earned with mouseover visible

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