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Survival Guide - Dust Settles: Wall

Table of Contents:

I. Purpose
II. Basic Information
III. Opening Requirements
IV. Improvements
V. Limitations
VI. Displays
VII. Special Considerations When Demolishing


As you grow you will encounter other camps, some of which may be hostile. One of the ways that you can defend yourself against these camps is to enclose your camp with a sturdy wall. At the beginning of the game, while you are still small, you are safe from attack, but eventually you will be open to attack, so protecting your people is important.

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Basic Information:

Building Name
Size (Land Units)
Supplies Cost
Workers to Construct
Daily Cost
Daily Production

Wall serves one purpose and one purpose only. Wall protects your camp from invading armies and ops units. Wall only takes up one land unit per unit and only 2 supplies to build, but you will need 4 workers to construct a single unit in one day. Wall is one of the few building types that has a true limit as to how much you can build, but this can be adjusted through research.

As with any other building, you will construct wall through the Construct screen. You can open and use one of the later DSOs to help you keep up with 100% wall coverage if you find it difficult to keep up with your camp's growth rate.

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Opening Requirements:

Wall is a basic structure that you can build from the beginning of the game.

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There are certain limitations to building wall. When you begin you can only build enough wall to fully surround your developed land. This means that, assuming you would always build your camp roughly square, you can build as much wall as the square root of your developed land times 4. This would be 100% coverage. Fortunately there are displays that show you this number clearly, without the need to calculate this every time you build a new building. You can increase this wall coverage to 200% or more by researching Wall Strength. This will add an extra barriers between you and the hostile outside world.

Note: Wall Strength research DOES NOT increase your defense by itself. The only thing this research topic does is allow you to build a thicker wall.

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When you begin the game you can only build enough wall to fully enclose your camp (100% coverage). If you try to build more, you will receive a notice that this action is not possible. Now that initial wall coverage may be slightly more than 100% from the start. This is due to the fact that all camps start with Wall Strength research at 1.

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Wall row from the Your Camp's Buildings table on the Construct page

The infrastructure bar on the left side of your screen will show you some of the most basic information you will need about building your camp's wall. It will show you how much you currently have enclosed, how much you need total, and how many units of wall you still need in order to reach 100%. This last number can and will go negative as you build over 100% wall. You can also see how many total units of wall you have on the Construct page with barbed wire listed directly under for quick comparison.

The Infrastructure page will give you all of the information from the infrastructure bar as well as some extra percentages and even the total number of wall units you can build at your current research level.

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Special Considerations When Demolishing:

The main thing you should consider when demolishing wall is whether or not you want to leave your camp that open to attack. Your wall is a primary defense against invading army units and will act as an extra layer of protection between your civilian population and the hostile forces. If you feel that you do not need this defense, then you will have no other obstacles between you and demolishing that wall.

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